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This reckless move revealed their positions and the American forces took immediate advantage of the mistake, inflicting serious casualties against the Japanese gunners.

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A third airfield to the north was unfinished. Although the Japanese suffered more deaths — out of the 20, soldiers who took part in the battle, only survived — Iwo Jima was the first Pacific War battle where the U.

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Out of 18, Japanese soldiers only were taken prisoner. The campaign was code-named Operation Detachment and would become the largest combat employment of U. So, a rag-tag team of soldiers was formed to carry out the task. Apparently, after the first flag had been planted, the commanders realized it was too small and therefore difficult to spot for U. Arnold had to rely on the Navy to take these islands for him, however. The battle of Iwo Jima would last for another four bloody weeks as American forces fought for control of the northern part of the island. The visual of a group of soldiers dutifully working together to raise the symbol of America was a striking image and won lasting adoration from the American public. The Japanese proved so difficult to dislodge that the U. This picture became famous in the United States. Instead, Kuribayashi made the best use of the two major advantages he did have over the Americans at Iwo Jima: the element of surprise and a defensive position. The Japanese had many surprises for the US soldiers and it took over a month 36 days of furious fighting for the US to finally capture the island. Listen to a recorded reading of this page: Your browser does not support the audio element. However, the fighting was far from over. The structure was equipped with weapons, communications, and supplies, and offered his forces a vantage point against the invading U. They placed a flag on top of Mount Suribachi.

In the JCOS agreed on a two-pronged plan that combined both strategies. They thought that the bombings from US planes and battleships may have killed the Japanese.

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The disciplined Kuribayashi was a former cavalry officer who had a knack for picking up on flaws in past battle tactics and fixing them. Thanks for watching! The battle went on for days.

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World War II History: Battle of Iwo Jima for Kids