How often crossing over occurs during meiosis among sordaria species

And this is the shorter one from the mother.

How often crossing over occurs during meiosis among sordaria species

The reason for dividing the percentage in half deals with the fact that in the second division segregation asci resulting from a single crossover between the "t" locus and the centromere only two of the four chromatids actually cross over.

And we also have replicated our centrosome as we've gone through interface.

Crossing over in sordaria

So actually, let me zoom in. So let me draw that. Secondly, the gene can be mapped relative to an observable cytological marker such as the centromere. And the same thing's gonna happen from the mother. These three nuclear divisions produce the ascus and the various possible ascospore patterns of hybrid asci. Count a total of bi-colored asci, recording the results below. Read the section in your lecture textbook about the mechanism of gene recombination and the Holliday model.

As you work, be sure to record the unusual patterns of asci. They're just different allele. After it goes through interface, I am going to have in my nucleus here, my DNA will have replicated.

experiment 4: crossing over

They might contain different base pairs, different actual DNA, but they code for the same genes. Let me do these two centromeres.

three types of asci that can occur and how each can arise

And let me draw a centrosome which will play a role later on.

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Chromosomal crossover in meiosis I (video)